­čŹĆ An apple a day keeps the doctor away \\ Crowd Innovation Challenge online ­čĺí

Nutrition can be so simple and yet the link between gut health and well-being often remains unexplored. Or is it just unknown for many people?

This is exactly where the Startup GUT MOOD with Kishore Ramesh kumar and Joyal Mathew from Jena comes into play, in order to bring the topic of guthealth more into the social focus in a scientifically based and playful way to create measurable added health value. The Gut Mood App is at the centre of the joint crowd innovation challenge – in cooperation with Nucleus Jena and my team Crowd Innovation@Fraunhofer IMW.

­čĹë Please scan the QR code and take part with your ideas for the start-up team! You can win attractive prizes and first-hand knowledge about nutrition, gut health and mental well-being ­čŹÇ