📣 #futureliving Submit your idea until September 1st | Crowdsourcing challenge about Future Living extended

🏖️ It’s holiday time and many of us were or still are on vacation. Maybe you have also had some touch points there with shared living concepts like #coliving or serviced apartments? Please share with us your experience and ideas in this context. What significantly improved your stay, e.g. shared services and spaces or innovative digital tools?

💡 You don’t have to limit your creativity! If you have your own idea and vision for the serviced living concept of your dreams, you are more than welcome to describe it on our crowdsourcing platform.

🏆 You can win a #amazon vouchers up to EUR 100! You just have to submit your idea until September 1st, 2023. Let’s innovate together!

Have a great day
Your #crowdinnovation Team from Leipzig