­čôó Let’s innovate together: What sustainability related actions could the hospitality sector take to make your stay experience more sustainable?

To get your creativity off the ground, three examples for inspiration:
­čĺÜ Users can leave their towel hanging in case they want to reuse it.
­čĺÜ Users can suggest having their room cleaned only once a week.
­čĺÜ Place a display in the shower with a small animation depicting a polar bear drowning due to the ice melting if you took a shower for too long.

­čĆć Rewards: The jury will select one contribution which feel best demonstrate nnovation and impact on stay experience. But that’s not all! To ensure that your voice as a community is heard, 50% of a previous crowdvoting will be included in the assessment by the jury. This means that 50% of the score is based on the crowdvoting and 50% on the jury evaluation. The winner can choose between a solar-powered powerbank to help you make your journey even more sustainable or an invite to the 196+ roundtable Germany which takes place in Berlin on the afternoon of Thursday 13th June 2024.

­čîŹ This invite only event is part of a global series of roundtables bringing together actors from within the hospitality industry (operators, developers, investors, architects and suppliers) to debate the questions of the moment relating to this dynamic sector. The roundtable format is led by the PKF hospitality group and includes market updates and presentations, but most importantly facilitates open ÔÇśgroupÔÇÖ discussion between the attendees. Conversations continue over a post event drink and informal dinner nearby. Travel and accommodation costs are not included as part of the rewards. The attendee will also receive an invite to 196+ hashtag#SummitEurope, held online in December 2024, which summarises the year of roundtables.

­čĹë Please don’t limit your hashtag#creativity, submit your idea until February 18th and contribute to a more sustainable hospitality sector! The link to this hashtag#Crowdinnovation challenge can be found in the first comment field & let’s innovate together! ­čĺí­čÜÇ