❓ Did you know that some accommodation providers offer furnished rooms for a longer period with hotel-like services? Or that there are concepts where students live in the same building as hotel guests and can share coworking spaces with freelancers? Needless to say, a restaurant and a fitness studio should not be missing, complemented by a roof terrace with pool and bar. These new concepts and business models are already being tested in practice through so-called „serviced living concepts“ which are especially popular amongst the Y and Z generations. #servicedliving

🤝 Working with our European project partners from the serviced living industry, but also with partners from the USA and South Africa, we are running the innovation contest „The living concept of my dreams!“. #coliving#coworking#sharedspaces

🏆 Are you aware of such a concept or do you have your own idea of what the future of serviced living could look like? Then sign up on our platform, take a look into the future with us and win one of three Amazon vouchers worth up to 100 euros. Answer at least one of our three questions with 250 to 500 words. #crowdsourcing#cocreation

⏳ You can participate until 18 August 2023, share the living concept of YOUR dreams with us and win!