­čôú #futureliving | #crowdsourcing | winners

We are more than happy to announce the winners of our crowdsourcing challenge „The living concept of my dreams!“. Together with the Future of Hospitality Institute and our project partners from different countries like UK, Austria, Spain, South Africa, and the USA, were we looking for new ideas, concepts and business models known as the so-called „serviced living concepts“. Some very interesting and innovative ideas were submitted referring innovation within #coliving #coworking #sharedspaces and the use of digital technologies as well as how a sustainable community could be built in this regard. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who submitted ideas!

Our expert jury consisting of Carmen Ivona Dumitrescu, Bronwin Titus, Paul Rands, Jos├ę Arturo Melo Jacobo and Shane Hartigan evaluated all of them regarding the following criteria: innovativeness, practicality, inclusivity, resilience for the future and contribution to mitigate climate change.

And the winner isÔÇŽ
­čąç Place: Coliving for Impact ÔÇô A sustainable co-living concept for personal and professional development in a supportive community in the countryside.
We congratulate two second places at the same time!
­čął Place: Mobile home on the rooftops ÔÇô Using grey lots on the rooftops for mobile homes and transforming them into new living spaces with green micro-habitats.
­čął Place: ReGen Village ÔÇô Self-sufficient and sustainable communities that can grow their own food, produce their energy and recycle waste.

The submitted ideas and especially the winner ideas will be used for inspiration and as basic for further concept developments within the Future Living research project. The aim of the project is to identify major trends and innovations, as well as future-proof solutions, that will become relevant for the serviced living industry on a global scale. We therefore greatly appreciate all submissions!