RESEARCH INSIGHTS ON »HOW CAN SCIENTISTS ASSESS THE IMPACT OF THEIR OPEN INNOVATION ACTIVITIES? »KTT Impact Canvas« for assessment of transfer activities taking crowdsourcing as an example«

We are delighted to announce that Iliyana MadinaMalgorzata ThonagelAnne Becker-Mironici and Emily Tapper from Crowd Innovation@Fraunhofer IMW with the support of Prof. Carolin Bock from Technische Universität Darmstadt are invited to present their research insights at this year’s OIS Research Conference within the special OIS Use Case session. The conference is organized by LBG Open Innovation in Science Center and will take place on 21-23 May 2024 in #London.

In their practical contribution, our colleagues address the growing need for methodology and recognized indicators for #impact assessment. The »KTT Impact Canvas« will be presented as an useful tool to help researchers plan, identify, and evaluate their impact. Furthermore, the Canvas will be used to develop a validated concept for impact assessment with relevant indicators for open innovation with #crowdsourcing as an example. Based on this concept, the impact of eight crowdsourcing challenges will be assessed in the next three years. The organization of the #challenges is a part of our BMBF project #CrowdInnovation.

In future, the »KTT Impact Canvas« and the tested concept should also make it possible to record the impact of other transfer activities in the field of #openinnovation. The results can also contribute to strengthen the relevance, acceptance, and visibility of the impact of open innovation among researchers and in society.

We are looking forward to meeting you at the OIS conference in London and getting valuable feedback for our concept from the expert OIS community.